Welcome to LaserCutz Ltd.

We are solely based in the UK but we ship worldwide (.com site is not affiliated to us).

We mainly take commissions but do stock some items so please visit our shop section where you will also find information about our display stands

The laser cutter is a fantastic resource to crafters. We offer small runs or ‘one offs’ and happy to discuss projects with you.

Our laser cutter/engravers take material up to 300 x 600 mm such as Acrylic, felt, fab foam, veneer, engraving laminate and wood.

Ideal for badges, jewellery making, modelling and many more crafts.

Some of the projects we have worked on are acrylic embossing stamps for soap making or pottery, laminate signs, small shop displays, component enclosures, acrylic jewellery, templates for routing or drawing with, engraving wooden box lids and lots more.

We can now offer engraving of a wider range of materials.
Our new 1064nm fibre galvo laser will engrave up to around 200x200mm and can engrave or mark a wide range of materials including some metal.
For the time being we will not engrave high value items in case of error.

Please contact us for more information.

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