Q. Can you cut metal?
A. No – we can engrave metal but not cut.

Q. What size can you cut?
A. Up to 300 x 600 mm but it is best to allow 5mm margin all round.

Q. How much does each shape cost?
A. Cost is based on the time the job takes. Complex shapes will take longer and will therefore cost more.

Q. What is the smallest size you can cut?
A. In theory 1mm by 1mm in practice 10mm by 10mm

Q. How do I give you my design?
A. Please email us (see contact page).

Q. What formats do my pictures need to be in?
A. The laser uses dxf vector files to cut and jpg/png or bmp to engrave. We can convert some other files.

Q. I have no idea what a dxf file is! Can you help
A. We can convert a scanned line drawing for you – email us with your requirements and we will try to help (small fee maybe charged)

Q. How long does it take?
A. We try to turn around each job within a couple of days depending how many sheets you need cutting
Larger or more complex jobs may take longer, but we will advise how long it will take on application.

Q. Can you engrave a picture or text?
A. Yes but it depends on what material and what the picture is – please contact us

Q. How does the laser cut the material
A. A laser cuts by burning or vaporizing the material away using amplified light