• Soap Shaper and Stamping machine

We are now the exclusive Distributor of the Britannia Mk 4 Manual Soap Press. 

This is a bench mounted press which can stamp and shape single soap bars from 25 gram to 150gram, made from cold process, melt and pour and extruded soap bases.   

Single pre-moulded soap billets are placed onto the bottom soap die, the safety catch is then lifted and the top die brought down with both hands, to form the soap shape within the die press tool.   The top die ram  is then lifted until the safety catch is engaged. An ejector lever is then pressed to lift the formed soap bar out of the bottom die, from where it is collected for packaging. 

The press is manually operated and has a counterweight so that it can be used for repeat production at rates of circa 5 bars per minute.   The geometry and operation is identical to the Vickers manual soap press, which was an industry standard machine for over 30 years.   

Full written instructions are provided, which includes how to condition and prepare your soap billets prior to stamping. Technical support is available by email.   


 A 50% deposit is required. 

We will place you in contact with the manufacturer who will discuss your full requirements.

Lasercutz Ltd also distribute soap stamping dies for the Britannia Manual Soap Press. 

A limited range of shapes can be provided, including round, square, rectangular and geometrics, in weights from 25 to 150 gram.  Each die can be assembled to make different weights of soap by adjusting the thickness of the bar.  The die can be fitted with Lasercutz engraved acrylic embossing plates, to impress your brand name into the bar as it is stamped.  The plates are interchangeable so different brands of different weights can be made on one die, using the same external shape.  For extended continuous production runs the die sets can also be fitted with refrigeration galleries to allow water cooling, if required. 

The stamper and die set are shipped in flat pack form, in a strong wooden box and can be sent internationally by air or sea freight.   Full assembly instructions with pictures, are provided, together with the hand tools required.  

Supplied direct from the manufacturer - the machine is made to order.

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Soap Shaper and Stamping machine

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